Branding / Strategy / Co-creation

Branding / Strategy / Co-creation

A dedicated digital job platform for
care providers, that helps recognize potential
and leads to new opportunities

The challenge it is a job-matching platform targeting care providers. The company behind the platform is a start-up funded by Lernia, one of the largest education companies in Sweden. When we got on board there was a product vision and a beta version of the website, our challenge was to create a brand to drive an emotional connection between users and

Brand strategy and identity, brand book, print and digital applications.

Our approach
In close collaboration with our clients, we set out to identify the what, how and why of through a facilitated workshop format. We used this as the foundation for the brand strategy, along side with competitor research and meeting up with potential users to gain empathy and identify the needs of the people it is all about. We then went into a process of collective visual brainstorming on the brand identity – creating team ownership of the creative process and using the brand strategy as our rationale, to lead the direction over personal taste.

My role: Creative strategist
Research, insights and strategy, concept development, workshop design/facilitation and copywriting.

Angelina Ages, Bruno Morais, Camille Segur, Hyunjung Cho, Misaki Tsuchiyama and Saaniya Singhal.

Duration / Year / Project type
6 weeks / 2017 / Hyper Island student project


Co-creation and co-ownership
within the team
and together with our clients,
was an essential part of our approach.


Key learning’s

Building transparent relationships
Coming from a background as in-house designer, I learnt a lot about building client relationships and working transparently to create trust and to secure that we were on the same page throughout the process.

Diversity makes us better together
Working in a team of 7 people from 7 different countries, provided me with a very meaningful experience in the strength of diversity, co-creation and actively creating space for each other to work effectively together.

Consistancy from strategy into design
Working with a more strategic perspective in this design process gave me a self-awareness of how I am able to contribute both with my analytical strengths and my conceptual understanding, to help secure consistency from strategy into design.

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