CELEBRATING THE WORK OF BASE-CARE PROVIDERS it is a job-matching platform targeting care providers, in Swedish called undersköterska.
The company behind is a start-up funded by Lernia, one of the largest education companies in Sweden.
In a team of 7 Hyper Island students, from 7 different countries – we worked in close collaboration with our client to create a brand strategy and a brand look within 6 weeks. I was on the strategy team and was especially involved in developing the strategic foundation e.g. by working with users in a focus group and securing coherency across the brand identity. Our starting point was a beta version of the website.
There was a service, but not a brand.


Our 3-fased insight process created a strong foundation to build a brand strategy from. We had a client workshop, to get to know the people behind and what they wanted to achieve and why. In our desktop research we looked into the existing marked of digital job-platforms, but we also looked towards other fields to get inspiration on how to build long lasting relationships through branding. The focus group with potential users, lead us to important insights. We found out that the users rarely applied for jobs online, instead they found their jobs through personal recommendations from colleagues. We talked about which characteristics they valued in a colleague and how these characteristics contribute to an inclusive environment. All insights came to play an important role, when formulating the brand strategy.


The model above became one of the most central points in our brand strategy. Based on our analysis of the insight process, we created it as a way to specify and visualise the brand values we had identified as the most important ones. The model explains what the values mean in this exact brand-context and how they should make the users feel. During our creative process we used it as a rationale to work from and evaluated our ideas based on their coherence with the brand value model. Together with the client, we decided to zoom extra in on the values of growth and trust in the visual brand look. We wanted to make the users feel hopeful about their potential and to have trust in to guide them in their career development.


The identity of is not just a logo, it is a visual brand language. We wanted to create a flexible system that can be applied in different contexts and we wanted to create a language that can grow.
We included the url in the logos, as a way to point out a clear destination and to generate traffic to the site – in time the url can be subtracted from the logo. The implementation examples show a direction for how the identity can be folded out in print, digital and in physical. We see all medias as a way to support a proud sense of belonging both within the care provider community and within society.


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