The Colour Out Of Space


Visually orientated reissue of H.P. Lovecraft’s Weird Horror story “The Colour Out Of Space” from 1927.
52 page booklet self-published in 100 copies in 2012. The publication was sold in bookstores in Copenhagen and Berlin, e.g. in Motto and Do You Read Me?! It also has the honour of being part of
Brown University’s H.P. Lovecraft collection.



The publication is targeted towards an adult audience, combining the written story with a parallel illustrative story to support the reading experience and evoke the imagination of the reader.
H.P. Lovecraft’s authorship is characterised by a human fear of the unknown, and cosmos often plays a significant part as the unknown in his stories. In the Colour Out of Space, a meteor hits earth and sends out a colour that is so strange, it cannot be recognised by the human eye. For this reason the collage illustrations are kept in black and white, to not define the indefinable. The collage media is chosen with inspiration from a theory on fantastic literature by Dr. Rosemary Jackson and Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory Das Unheimliche, both theories argue that the fantastic/uncanny occurs when something strange and twisted appears in an otherwise known environment. In the collages I have therefore worked with applying changes to different extents in a photographed reality. The format and typographic layout is inspired by the pulp-magazine Amazing Stories, in which the Colour Out Of Space was published for the first time in 1927.


My process for this project was characterised by an iterative approach, where I interchanged between research and testing. I based my visual explorative work on research – e.g. by reading theory on
H.P. Lovecraft’s authorship, watching science fiction films to inspire the narrative and looking at contemporary art with a focus on surrealism to inspire the visual language. From this, I created a foundation to work more intuitively with visual tests. Later on I worked with dummies, to make decisions based on experiencing the flow of the book and to decide if a collage actually worked in context.


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