Creative task application for Hyper Island 2017.

Everything; concept development, research & strategy and creative direction.

The challenge of the 2017 task was a broad one; make a digital solution that can in a small or big scale solve a problem, making the world a better place somehow. I decided to narrow in the field by formulating this focus question; how might I create a digital platform, which contributes to making globalisation more relatable and tangible for tweens across the world? With the intention to challenge the problem of people being afraid of each other – afraid of what is different, and instead turn it around to be about; how can we learn from eachother?




PALS is a social media tool for schools, bringing a new kind of personal dimension to teaching and learning by connecting knowledge to real people! School kids become their own educational content creators with the help from various social media features like video, photo and instant messaging. The platform let’s the world come closer by facilitating kids with positive and educating encounters with one another – widening horizons and making the world an easier place to relate to. It encourages kids to go beyond their usual social sphere, making the unknown known.


The primary target group is school kids in the age around 9-14 years old and the secondary target group is their teachers. During the concept development it has been relevant to e.g. look into the digital communication habits of Generation Z, to secure the concept embraces their characteristics and their use of social platforms.


PALS facilities a possibility for working with an interdisciplinary teaching approach, including subjects like language education, social sciences, geography and multi media in one go. Let’s say a school class has a project about Fiji – PALS facilitates the possibility for the kids to obtain knowledge by talking directly to kids on Fiji. Learning from real people. For this to happen in a way that has a positive impact on the kids’ development, the context of its use is essential and that's why PALS is a social media tool for schools; to combine the platform features with the expertise of teachers, securing a context of learning, guidance and encouragement.


During the concept development I focused mainly on desktop research, looking into existing digital educational platforms, marketing material about Generation Z and getting inspiration for the visual look from other projects targeting the same audience. I was also in dialogue with a teacher, to get feedback on the concept from a pedagogical point of view. If I were to take the concept further, my next step would be making a prototype and interviewing kids from different countries to find out what they think and how they feel about PALS. I would ideally have done this during the concept development, to come up with a solution in closer collaboration with both kids and teachers. Finally I would also develop the concept further from a business perspective.