Celebrating the work of care providers

Design research through a user-centric approach + brand strategy.

uka.se it is a job-matching platform targeting care providers, in Swedish called undersköterska.
The company behind the platform is a start-up funded by Lernia, one of the largest education companies in Sweden. They had created a service and they wanted us to to create a brand identity, to encourage an emotional connection – between care providers and uska.se.


We worked as a multidisciplinary team – turning the diversity of the group into one of our core strengths, by being able to see things from different perspectives. We were seven people, all from different countries. We approached our research from three different perspectives:
1. Client workshop to identify the how, what and why of uska.se.
2. Desktop research to gain insight on the competitive landscape and on brands within other fields,
that succeed in building long lasting relationships with their users.
3. Focus-group with potential users, to gain empathy and insights about the people whom it’s all about.

We identified that the core offering of uska.se, is being the most personalized and dedicated job-matching platform for care providers. The job platform is unique because it provides guidance based on potential, not job history. The vision of uska.se is to welcome care providers as valued and important members of society – and in doing this, becoming the key link between employees and employers within care providing. Uska.se is not a one-time service, it is a dedicated digital guide that can help recognize your potential throughout your career and continuously point you to new opportunities. Through our focus group with potential users, we also identified that they did not trust in existing job platforms. The users relied on finding new job opportunities through good colleges – colleagues they described as "..direct, friendly, and shares knowledge".
We decided to work on translating this description into the brand feeling and tone of voice, as a way to build trust and shaping uska.se as a digital version of a good colleague.


The model above became one of the most central points in our brand strategy. Based on our analysis of the insight process, we created it as a way to specify and visualise the brand values we had identified as the most important ones. The model explains what the values mean in this exact brand-context and how they should make the users feel. During our creative process we used it as a rationale to work from and evaluated our ideas based on their coherence with the brand value model. Together with the client, we decided to zoom extra in on the values of pride, growth and trust in the visual brand look. We wanted to make the users feel hopeful and proud about their potential, and to have trust in uska.se to guide them in their career development.


Everybody on the team took part in a co-creative workshop, to get the creative process started.

We worked with the method "speed dating", where you build on eachother's ideas by shifting positions and add to the ideas infront of you – creating a massive brainstorm, with the purpose of coming up with something unexpected and gaining fellow ownership of the ideas.

The identity of uska.se is not just a logo, it is a visual brand language. We wanted to create a flexible system that can be applied in different contexts and we wanted to create a language that can grow.
We included the url in the logos, as a way to point out a clear destination and to generate traffic to the site – in time the url can be subtracted from the logo. The implementation examples show a direction for how the identity can be folded out in print, digital and in physical. We see all medias as a way to support a proud sense of belonging both within the care provider community and within society.