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How I got into human centered design

My road to human centered design and research has not been a straight one: I come from a background in Visual Communication with a Master in design from The Royal Danish Academy of Design (KADK), where I focused on storytelling and illustration. I then worked for 4,5 years as a CRM Creative at BESTSELLER / JACK & JONES, where I grew an interest for
Customer Experience. This interest led me to study a year at Hyper Island in Stockholm,
to develop my skills within human centered design and effective teamwork.
This is where things started falling into place. I understood that intentionally combining
the way I think, the way I behave and the way I design, 
enables me to take part in creating meaningful design processes and solutions that can generate a positive impact.


Interview moderator for LEGO / LEGO World 2019 /
Copenhagen / 4 days / project position 
I moderated 22 interviews and user testing sessions, each of 45 minutes with kids in the age from 8-12 years – in collaboration with LEGO’s Tech Innovation Director and a professor in Interaction Design from Aalborg University. By meeting the kids in eye level and playing with them as a friend while attentively observing them, I secured valuable insights that informed how a prototype could be developed further as an intriguing play-enabler.

Junior UX designer at Helpr.io / Copenhagen /
October 2018 – January 2019 (Short maternity cover)
Helpr collaborates with Nordic insurance companies to bring a meaningful and seamless digital service-experiences to their customers. During the time I worked with Helpr, I e.g. worked on optimizing the UX design of a roadside assistance app, focusing on clear feedback, guidance and accessibility. I furthermore initiated an upgrade of microcopy, going from a system focused tone of voice to a more human tone, to reflect an understanding and support for the users’ jobs to be done.

Workshop designer and facilitator / project position / 33A / Copenhagen / September 2018 / I am still involved as co-facilitator
I collaborated with the team at 33A on developing an
AI-Design Sprint focusing on Chatbots. The sprint is facilitated through a workshop-canvas and decks of AI and personality cards, to support companies and clients in co-creating an effective starting point for their collaboration. I futhermore co-facilitated AI Design Sprints at the e.g. The Conference 2018, Hyper Island in Karlskrona and UX Copenhagen 2019. 

UX research & design intern / Mobiento
Deloitte Digital / Stockholm / 2018 (3 months)
As an intern at the digital design agency Mobiento, I was involved as a UX designer in the development of a new profile feature for Systembolaget’s app. I also contributed as a UX researcher in a co-creative design process with an internal team from Nordea. I also facilitated internal ideation and teambuilding workshops.

CRM Digital Designer / Omnichannel department / JACK & JONES (BESTSELLER) / Copenhagen /
2012 – 2017
During my years at JACK & JONES I was responsible for the creative CRM content strategy and graphic execution. My focus was on creating relevant and inspiring customer experiences, while making sure that business needs were met and brand stories were communicated coherently across digital CRM channels and aligned with in-store communication – securing a consistent, inspiring and relevant customer experience across touchpoints.



Hyper Island / Design Lead / Stockholm / 2017-2018
At Hyper Island I have worked on developing my knowledge and experience of applying user centered methods in iterative design processes. I have focused especially on research and strategy, to build upon my  background within visual communication. I have furthermore gained valuable insights around teamwork and how I can contribute to actively support effective collaboration and co-ownership of the process. 

The Royal Danish Academy of Design (KADK)
/ Masters and Bachelor in Visual Communication
/ Copenhagen / 2007-2012
Through my studies at KADK I succeeded in building a strong foundation within visual communication, storytelling and design processes. It is also here I first learned the strengths of testing an idea, not just thinking an idea – to be able to validate or dismiss your ideas and possible hypothesis.



Research: User interview and observation / Workshop design and facilitation / Direct and perceptual competitive landscape / Insights / Persona hypothesis / Usability testing / A/B testing and experiment / User journies 

Design: User flows / Concept sketches / Wireframes and mockups in Sketch and Figma / Modular design with design systems / Storytelling and storyboarding / Basic motion design with Principle

Prototyping: Rapid and high fidelity prototyping usinghand sketching, Keynote and Invision.

Content: Strategy / Micro copy / Art direction / Creative on-brand content development in Adobe suite.

Collaboration: Co-creation methods for collaborative ideation and teambuilding / Flexible / Active listener / Transparent and communicative / Not afraid to ask questions / Good at creating a safe atmosphere


I am passionate about culture and about making it accessible to people. That’s why I have spent some of my spare time on layouting novels for Escho Publishing, on running a self initiated concert club together with three other women and on designing a self-published an illustrated edition of H.P. Lovecraft's weird horror story 
The Colour Out Of Space, which was sold in bookstores in Berlin and Copenhagen. I like doing things that create experiences which go beyond digital and which are not about accomplishing something effectively, but purely about experiencing.


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/ Anne