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Junior UX designer at Helpr.io / Copenhagen /
October 2018 – current position
Helpr collaborates with Nordic insurance companies to bring a meaningful, effective and easy product and service experience to their customers. Currently we are especially focusing on updating a roadside app, where I am working on wireframes, UX copy, prototyping and user testing.

Workshop designer and facilitator / project position / 33A / Copenhagen / 2018 / (1 month + I  still
co-facilitate workshops from time to time)
I collaborated with the team at 33A on developing an
AI-Design Sprint focusing on Chatbots. The sprint is facilitated through a workshop-canvas and decks of AI and personality cards, to support companies and clients in co-creating an effective starting point for their collaboration.
I futhermore
co-facilitated AI Design Sprints at the The Conference 2018 and at Hyper Island in Karlskrona. 

UX research & design intern / Mobiento
Deloitte Digital / Stockholm / 2018 (3 months)
As an intern at the digital design agency Mobiento, I was involved as a UX designer in the development of a new profile feature for Systembolaget’s app. I also contributed as a UX researcher in a co-creative design process with an internal team from Nordea. Furthermore I facilitated internal ideation and teambuilding workshops.

CRM Digital Designer / Omnichannel department / JACK & JONES (BESTSELLER) / Copenhagen /
2012 – 2017
During my years at JACK & JONES I was responsible for the creative CRM content strategy and graphic execution. My focus was on creating relevant and inspiring customer experiences, while making sure that business needs were met and brand stories were communicated coherently across digital CRM channels and aligned with in-store communication – securing a consistent and inspiring customer experience across touchpoints.



Hyper Island / Design Lead / Stockholm / 2017-2018
At Hyper Island I have worked on developing my knowledge and experience of applying user centered methods in iterative design processes. I have focused especially on research and strategy, to build upon my  background within visual communication. I have furthermore gained valuable insights around teamwork and how I can contribute to actively support effective collaboration and co-ownership of the process. 

The Royal Danish Academy of Design (KADK)
/ Masters and Bachelor in Visual Communication
/ Copenhagen / 2007-2012
Through my studies at KADK I succeeded in building a strong foundation within visual communication, storytelling and design processes. It is also here I first learned the strengths of testing an idea, not just thinking an idea – to be able to validate or dismiss your ideas and possible hypothesis.


User research / interviews / surveys / user testing / insights and analysis / strategy / rapid prototyping / wireframes / persona and scenario design / user journeys / storyboarding / visual communication / content creation / copy writing / process facilitation in collaborative ideation and teambuilding.


I am a lover of DIY publications and events and I enjoy being a contributor too. I have e.g. laid out novels for Escho Publishing, made gig posters for Koncertklubben (a self initiated concert club I used to run together with 3 other women) and self-published an illustrated edition of H.P. Lovecraf's weird horror story 
The Colour Out Of Space, which was sold in bookstores in Berlin and Copenhagen. 

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/ Anne